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Safety is at the heart of all daily decisions and activities of the Olympia Odos teams.

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Safety on the road

Large-Scale Exercises in Tunnels 

Although incidents in tunnels are no more frequent than those on the open road, they are more complex and, in the event of a fire, much more dangerous. This is why regular exercises in tunnels are so important. The aim of large-scale exercises is to ensure that staff are always operationally ready, efficient and that they best coordinate with the emergency services; this is why an incident is simulated in as realistic conditions as possible using complex scenarios.

Large-Scale Exercises in Tunnels
Large-Scale Exercises in Tunnels
Large-Scale Exercises in Tunnels
Large-Scale Exercises in Tunnels

The large-scale exercises in tunnels are organized in accordance with the requirements of the Pres. Decree 230/07, every four (4) years and are conducted in cooperation with the Fire Brigade and the participation of all involved bodies, the Hellenic Police, the Ministry for Infrastructure & Transport, and the EKAV Ambulances.

Winter Maintenance Drills

These drills aim at ensuring the sufficient preparation and readiness in view of the winter period and any possible snowfalls, and are conducted in the presence of representatives of the Traffic Police Departments and the Civil Protection of the Region.

Training in the tunnels of the Alps

In 2017, during the operational completion period of Korinthos - Patras section, approximately 90 employees of the Motorway Operator, mainly officials and staff of the Traffic Management Centers, foremen and patrol employees were trained in tunnel intervention techniques at the certified “Frejus tunnel Exploitation and Training Center” located in the Alps.

Frejus tunnel Exploitation and Training Center
Frejus tunnel Exploitation and Training Center
Frejus tunnel Exploitation and Training Center
Frejus tunnel Exploitation and Training Center

Protection in work zones

With a view to protecting workers when maintenance/construction works are carried out on the motorway, we delimit and protect the work zone.  We undertake all costs and provide all organizational resources to implement the specific measure for the protection of the employees.


When approaching a work zone on the motorway, see to provide the best safety conditions for workers; Keep sufficient distances and reduce speed.

pdf icon Employees Safety Leaflet

pdf icon 10 Non-Negotiable Work Safety Rules

Safety at the worksites

Human Resources Training on Health and Safety issues 

Health and safety at work and fostering a culture of prevention are a priority for Olympias Odos. By investing significant resources and implementing specific procedures, we constantly seek to ensure the protection of all employees.

In particular as regards the employees at the worksites, health and safety are significant parameters of the overall design of the works. To this end, we adopt a prevention strategy with specific procedures and training for all employees, which includes:

  • Introductory Health and Safety training for subcontractors on issues such as Health and Safety policy, report/investigation of accidents, firefighting, worksite/site evacuation, manual tools, load lifting;
  • Ensure the that all employees, at the worksites and the garages make proper use of the personal protection equipment (PPE);
  • Conduct on-site inspections and provide guidance where necessary;

Comply with the key safety rules during the construction and maintenance works, the Greek legislation and OHSAS 18001:2007 international standard for our business operation.

Campaign: “Destination: Occupational Safety

Within the context of the Memorandum of Understanding entered into with the Hellenic Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (ELINYAE), the Institute was the scientific advisor of the internal campaign called "Destination: Occupational Safety" intended to the employees of the Patras-Pyrgos worksites.

pdf icon Campaign brochure

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Innovative technologies for more safety at work

Using advanced technology such as the Como App and the Sensors, Olympia Odos promotes safety issues by equipping its workplaces and employees with "smart" tools for their safety.

Health & Safety week

Every year, Olympia Odos participates in the International Health and Safety Week of VINCI Concessions, its major shareholder, by organizing awareness-raising activities, staff training, presentations, videos and experiential workshops with scenarios from everyday life. The event brings employees together and is an opportunity for collaboration, dialog and exchange of best practices.

safety week 2019
safety week 2021
safety week 2021
safety week 2021

Safety in work places

Policy for the prevention and management of violence and harassment in the workplace

Zero tolerance - Prevention, control, response

At Olympia Odos, the occurrence or even tolerance of violence and harassment is unacceptable and reprehensible. Acknowledging its obligation to ensure a working environment based on mutual respect, human dignity and the protection of human status and human rights, Olympia Odos has established a Policy to fight against violence and harassment in the workplace and to manage any internal complaints regarding such incidents.

The company aims at informing and raising awareness among all its employees by distributing information material and organizing training seminars. Through questionnaires, it obtains information and evaluates the conditions of the working environment, taking corrective action where necessary.

Safety Week 2023

Safety Week 2023

  • A week of mobilization in all VINCI projects to achieve the "Zero Accident" objective
  • Improving safety, a major commitment of Olympia Odos
  • This year, Olympia Odos is organizing safety at work workshops with the participation of subcontractors, first aid training courses at its offices and construction sites and educational webinar

Olympia Odos participated in the VINCI Concessions Safety Week, the annual international mobilization event to promote the VINCI Group's "Zero Accident" objective.

Committed to ensuring the safety of its staff, partners and customers, Olympia Odos has placed safety at the top of its suppliers’ selection criteria, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Hellenic Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (ELINYAE), is developing innovative practices such as the Como App software and the installation of proximity sensors on worksite vehicles and employees and visitors on the same sites. At the same time, the company implements campaigns to foster a culture of prevention at work, such as the one implemented last October at the worksites of Patras-Pyrgos section, with the slogan "Destination: Safety at work".

For this year's Safety Week, Olympia Odos organized a Safety at Work Workshop with the participation of subcontractors and partners, First Aid training sessions at the worksites of Patras-Pyrgos section and the offices of the Concession Company, as well as an educational webinar for the employees in the Operation of the motorway about "Creating a safe work environment through good communication-relationship with people".

Η Ολυμπία Οδός συμμετέχει στην Εβδομάδα Ασφάλειας της VINCI

Please, watch here the video messages of VINCI and Olympia Odos Management.

Mr. N. Notebaert CEO Vinci Concessions

Mr. P. Papanikolas President and CEO of Olympia Odos SA

Mr. K. Papandreou CEO of Olympia Odos Operation SA

Mr. Ε.Degiannis Project Director of Apion Kleos CJV

Safety Stories

Kostas Papakostas/ Greece

Paulo Santos/ Portugal

Zdenek Kouba/ Czesh Republic

Kai Stolze/ Germany

Peter Placko/ Slovakia

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