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The commitment of Olympia Odos to Sustainable Development is demonstrated through the dozens of international and national awards it has received since the completion of the construction of the motorway in 2018 to date. Awards that reward its Sustainable Development strategy and the innovations it has implemented to that purpose.

The beginning was made in 2018, when Olympia Odos was awarded a global distinction by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), which ranked it among the top 5 projects in the world for 2018. Olympia Odos motorway was the only European project and the only one constructed outside the US, that was awarded such a merit.


ArrowBronze award at the Mobile Excellence Awards for the Olympia Odos App: The travel experience at your mobile phone.

ArrowTwo golden awards at the Energy Mastering Awards 2022 for its “Water from the air” and “Adaptive Lighting” initiatives.

ArrowOlympia Odos won a distinction at the Health & Safety Awards 2022 in the “Employees Involvement” category.

​Olympia Odos, along with other 254 brands, emerged as top brand in Greece and was voted Superbrand Greece 2021-22. The features that make a company a nominee for Superbrands are the strong profile and customer reliability. The council of thirteen experts was responsible for the shortlist, and together with the public they evaluated and selected the winners. The Opinion Poll was conducted by Marc.


ArrowDistinction at the Green Awards for the "Strategy for developing a Green Road Infrastructure”.

ArrowSix awards at the Mobility Awards, for the implementation of the innovative Hybrid kilometric charging system, the Motorway Safety Holistic Approach, the Smart Tunnel project and the PROTECT program, the EV quick Charging Infrastructure at Psathopyrgos MSS and the Comprehensive Fleet Management system.

ArrowTwo gold awards for Olympia Odos at the Responsible Business Awards in the categories "Effect on Local Communities", for the innovative Hybrid System, and for the environmental programs implemented at the motorway's facilities.

ArrowAt the National Customer Service Awards, Olympia Odos won the top award in the category "Best Use of Technology for Customer Experience" for the Hybrid System, the first distance-based tolling system in Greece, and Olympia Odos Operation won the Real Life Heroes award for the immediate and decisive intervention of three employees who saved a two-year-old girl from drowning.

Olympia Odos was named "Motorway of the Year" at the Mobility Awards 2021

This distinction constitutes the concrete result of the targeted initiatives of the Company to maintain a high level of service and safety along the Motorway, and of its actions aiming at protecting the Environment.


ArrowGolden and silver awards at Facilities Management Awards for the innovative “Smart Tunnel” program.

ArrowGolden and silver awards at the Health & Safety Awards in the category “New H&S Risks Analysis & Assessment” and in the special category focusing on the Environment, respectively.

ArrowBronze award at the Green Awards in the category “Strategy for developing a Green Road Infrastructure”.

European Union Campaign on Olympia Odos “A road out of this world”

As a project co-financed by the European Union, Olympia Odos was part of the “EU in my Region” Campaign, together with 9 other projects in Greece, representing the concession projects market.

For this specific campaign, modern visual means have been exploited and the project was promoted via the social media channels.

Within the context of this campaign, interactive electronic boards have been installed at Psathopyrgos MSS showing information that aimed at informing the visitors about the project and its contribution.

Electronic board statistics (October 7 - November 7)

  • 352 users;
  • 300 photos 


ArrowOlympia Odos is named National Winner & Ones to watch at the 2019 European Business Awards in the category of Innovation for its Traffic Prediction application;

ArrowDistinction at the Corporate Affairs Excellence Awards of the Hellenic Management Association (EEDE) in the category of “Corporate Sustainability Report”

ArrowDistinction awarded by CRI Pass

ArrowThree (3) golden awards at the Energy Mastering Awards for the power consumption cut program regarding the tunnel lighting (LED).

ArrowOlympia Odos Operation S.A. received a golden award at the Health & Safety Awards in the Road Safety category.

ArrowThe Cultural Route of Olympia Odos received a distinction at the BRAVO AWARDS.


Olympia Odos is named National Winner at the European Business Awards

Olympia Odos is named National Winner at the 2019 European Business Awards, one of the greater and long-lasting business awards in the world. Initially, the company was included in the list of business excellence Ones to Watch, since it had an excellent performance in the large companies “Innovation category” and promotes the fundamental principles of Ethics and Effectiveness. Then, it was named National Winner among 300 companies for its innovative Traffic Prediction application.

«This is an important distinction and Olympia Odos is undeniably breaking ground in its sector. The fact that you have been named “National Winner” proves that you are one of the most inspiring, successful and dynamic companies in Europe. Congratulations for this distinction!”»

Adrian Tripp, CEO, European Business Awards


ArrowBronze award for Olympia Odos Operation S.A. at the Health & Safety Awards in the “Healthy & Safe workplace”, in section "Activities in facilities and infrastructure".


ArrowOlympia Odos Operation S.A. won a distinction at the Health & Safety Awards 2022 in the “Transport Infrastructure” category.

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