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Smart Systems

Olympia Odos motorway is continuously upgraded with the latest technology. 

In addition to infrastructure projects, we focus particularly on innovations that help prevent dangerous incidents and accidents. We have summarized the main smart solutions we are implementing for safety on the motorway:

LED project

Adaptive Road Lighting


One of the latest and most innovative initiatives of Olympia Odos is the design and pilot installation of an adaptive lighting system at the Ancient Corinth Interchange.

The system processes data from multiple sources at any given time, while utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning methods to determine the optimal lighting level.

In particular, real-time data is used regarding:

  • The traffic
  • The weather conditions affecting the visibility
  • Events captured by artificial intelligence cameras in order to immediately identify potential hazards.

Thus, in cases of reduced traffic, lower lighting is automatically set for maximum energy savings, while in the event of an incident or bad weather, the system commands the automatically increase of the lighting level.

The combination of LED bulbs and the full installation of the adaptive lighting system is expected to result in an average overall reduction in the annual energy consumption during the night hours on the open road of up to 70%. In addition, the full implementation and integration of the system will ensure greater safety for drivers, since the data collected will not only relate to the lighting system, but also to the existing highway systems.

Ιστοί Οδοφωτισμού
σύστημα εξέτασης της κατάστασης των ιστών
σύστημα εξέτασης της κατάστασης των ιστών
σύστημα εξέτασης της κατάστασης των ιστών

Road lighting poles


Within the context of ensuring the safety of the motorway, Olympia Odos was started the structural assessment of 1,150 road lighting poles on Elefsina - Korinthos section and of 50 poles on Korinthos-Patras section, at Rion I/C. This specific area has been selected because of the strong winds that prevail in the area.

The structural assessment has been conducted by using a non-invasive system which thoroughly examines every pole separately and produces a detailed report regarding the condition of each pole. Approximately 1% of the poles of the Project will be replaced.

Photos from the system examining the condition of the lighting poles

Smart Tunnel



The Smart Tunnel project of Olympia Odos pertains to the development of a comprehensive system to monitor and assess the tunnels of the Motorway, based on the most modern methodologies and technological tools.

The Infrastructure Management System provides real-time data on the condition of the equipment which can be used to early detect defects and ensure their faster making up. At the same time, the analysis of this data provides us with the necessary information for planning the next maintenance campaign, ensuring savings from the heavy maintenance of the infrastructure, a more appropriate maintenance and an increased the life cycle of the equipment. This system ensures the safety not only of the users, but also of the motorway employees, as potential defects are detected in time and dealt with in a targeted and effective manner, without the need for additional dangerous diagnostic tests on the field. 

The Smart Tunnel system was installed, to be tested, in 2019 in the 700m long "Girokomio" tunnel of Patras Bypass, while in 2021 it was decided to extend it to the four (4) larger tunnels and six (6) buildings of Patras Bypass.

​​miranda system



Olympia Odos disposes of an innovative diagnosis and recording tool called MIRANDA, specializing in monitoring and recording possible defects on the pavement. The tool is implemented in cooperation with the French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks IFSTTAR. It uses the motion sensors (accelerometers) of mobile phones to record the settlements in association with the mobile phone’s GPS to record the location of the findings.

Thanks to this tool, we timely assess the structural integrity of the pavement and the underlying layers. Moreover, it minimizes the frequency of using other measurement tools that would require a larger mobilization and would affect the traffic and the safety along the motorway. 

Φωτισμός LED

LED lighting


An important initiative for safety and energy saving in Olympia Odos was the use of more efficient lighting technologies.

The replacement of conventional bulbs with high-efficiency LED luminaires was launched in 2017, on a pilot basis and was gradually extended to a total of 17 tunnels on the motorway by the end of 2018.

This led to a reduction in annual energy consumption from lighting within the tunnels of up to 75%, by optimizing lighting quality and safety for drivers, motorway users and employees. Moreover, this system allows for the control of each LED luminaire separately thus facilitating their management and maintenance.

Olympia Odos is gradually implementing the LED program in all open sections of the motorway, followed by the replacement of the sodium luminaires in the new tunnels of Korinthos-Patras section (12 long tunnels and an additional 12 short lane covers).

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