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Olympia Odos

Disabled individuals

Acknowledging that Persons with Disabilities are excluded from services and goods existing in the natural and built-up environment and that they may face financial difficulties, Olympia Odos offers free passages.

Specifically, Persons with Disabilities and war disabled persons are exempted from the obligation to pay tolls by showing the blue parking card (Parking Card for Disabled Persons - Pres. Decree 241/2005) held by Persons with Disabilities, if they are passengers in the vehicle.

The competent authority for issuing the Blue Card is the Transport and Communications Department of the Regional Authority under the jurisdiction of which the Persons with Disabilities are.


The Concession Agreement of Olympia Odos (Law 3621/2007), the provisions of which prevail over any other general or specific provision on the issues they regulate, and specifically paragraph 24.4.2 of Article 24 thereof, as recently amended by Article 82, paragraph 2.133 of Law 4876/2021, expressly stipulates that the following (among others) are exempted from the obligation to pay Tolls: “(vii) Vehicles which are fully owned and used by Persons with Disabilities or war disabled persons for their transport when they travel in such vehicles and carry the Parking Card for Persons with Disabilities or the special identity card for war disabled persons.

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