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EV Charging

​​EV charging

According to the current situation, the future belongs to electro-mobility and this is why, by participating in the national targets for increasing the number of charging points on the country's main roads, together with our partners in gas stations, we are intensifying our efforts to provide the necessary charging infrastructure along the motorway.

Charging stations are currently available at 3 points on the motorway in both traffic directions, with a maximum distance between two charging points of approximately 100 km. The EV chargers are located at the Motorist Service Stations (MSS), so that drivers-users can benefit from a wide range of services during the charging time.

EV charging stations:

ArrowAt Psathopyrgos MSSs

  • 4 direct current (DC) 250kW fast charging stations, specifically for Tesla vehicles;
  • 1 direct current (DC) 50kW fast charging station, of ElpeFuture network;

ArrowAt Velo MSSs

  • 1 direct current (DC) 50kW fast charging station, of FORTISIS network;
  • 1 direct current (DC) 120kW fast charging station, of ElpeFuture network;

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Both charging stations are 100% powered by “clean” energy produced by renewable sources, thus contributing to the full sustainability of the trips made by those charging their EV at Velo MSSs.

ArrowAt Megara MSSs

  • 1 direct current (DC) 50kW fast charging station, NRG network.

The charging stations are equipped with the most common types of plugs (CHAdeMO, CCS, Type 2) and therefore the allow the charging of all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles currently on the market.

EV Charnging points

See the charging stations along Olympia Odos on the Interactive Map


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