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Olympia Odos

Information campaigns

“In real life there is no undo

Our major concern is to ensure Zero Accidents.

Olympia Odos is a motorway of European standards that contributes decisively to the major issue of road safety. However, the need to minimize the possibility of human error remains an issue, as the human factor is always unpredictable.

Η ζωή δεν έχει undo
Η ζωή δεν έχει undo

This is why we plan and implement actions to raise awareness and promote road safety, such as:

  • Collaboration with the Road Safety Institute “Panos Mylonas” (IOAS) for educational programs in schools;
  • Welcoming students at the Traffic Management Centers and the facilities of the motorway;
  • Distribution of brochures and information material (EL brochure, tunnel driving brochure, reflective vests, etc.) and posters at the toll plazas, MSSs and Customer Service Centers (CSC);
  • Participation in Road Safety conferences;
  • Installation of CCTV cameras on Elefsina - Korinthos section to ensure proper use of the Emergency Lane (EL);
  • Production and posting of informative videos on Youtube.
  • Informative posts on the company's social media;
  • Posting of information material on the website.

Olympia Odos is also an active member of VINCI Group Foundation for Responsible Driving (Fondation VINCI Autoroutes) which systematically organizes information campaigns to foster responsible driving and conducts surveys and studies on road safety..

awareness campaigns
awareness campaigns
awareness campaigns
awareness campaigns
awareness campaigns
awareness campaigns
awareness campaigns
awareness campaigns
awareness campaigns


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