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Get the transponder for free and sing up to the electronic services of Olympia Odos

With OLYMPIA PASS Hybrid, you are entitled to substantial discounts, fast and comfortable passage through the electronic lanes of all the motorways in Greece and mostly kilometer based tolling in Olympia Odos.

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Olympia Odos App

Travel experience starts APP in your mobile phone!

Top-up your transponder, monitor your subscription account, update your profile and be informed about the services that make your trips easier.


Getting transponder

  1. Proceed to online registration .
    Alternatively, you can call to +30 22960 95555 or submit your application in person at one of the Customer Service Centres (CSC) of Olympia Odos.
  1. A representative of Olympia Odos calls you in order to confirm the data you have submitted.
  1. You receive the transponder together with the contract, by courier at the address you have indicated, which you sign on the spot (if someone else will receive them, an authorization with an authentication attesting to the genuineness of your signature is required).
  1. The transponder you have in your hands is already activated. To be able to use it, you need to transfer a sufficient amount of money to your subscriber account.


  • For the application, you need to submit your personal details and those of the vehicle or vehicles for which you wish to get the OLYMPIA PASS.
  • You can access the online services to fully control your account at any time, 24h a day, from Olympia Odos App or online .


info Self-employed persons and companies are kindly requested to come to any  Customer Service Centres (CSC) carrying the required supporting documents in order to complete the process and receive their transponders.


OLYMPIA PASS leaflet (User instructions)

Discount programs

Do you often make the same passages on the motorway? Save money on your trips with the Value program!

The Value program concerns category 2 vehicles (light vehicles with or without a trailer and height up to 2.20m) and category 1 vehicles (motorcycles).

Enjoy scalable discounts depending on the number of passages made within the same calendar month, according to the following table:

moto card - Value program
1-5 0%
6-10 15%
11-20 30%
21-30 40%
31-40 50%
40+ 60%

info The passages are calculated within the same calendar month and for each toll station separately.


  1. Identity Card (ID) or Passport

  2. Vehicle registration


Self-employed persons should additionally submit any document certifying their professional status such as:

  • Certificate of commencement of activity for a natural person or professional
  • Invoice for the provision of services

info If the person submitting the documents is not the applicant, an authorization with an authentication attesting to the genuineness of the applicant’s signature is required.


In case the documents are submitted by the company’s legal representative, copies of the following are required:

  • Articles of Association/ Government Gazette for the set up of the company and of any amendments of the Articles of Association or Government Gazette for the representation of the company
  • Identity card (ID)
  • Company stamp
  • Vehicle registration license for ALL the vehicles

info If the person submitting the documents is not the legal representative, an authorization by the legal representative is required, which should be written on a letterhead of the company (with an authentication attesting to the genuineness of the legal representative’s signature only in the case of a personal company).


Charging methods

You can reload your account:

  • via the online OLYMPIA PASS services and the OLYMPIA ODOS mobile app
  • by paying in cash or credit/debit card at a lane with a toll collector 
  • at all of the Customer Service Centres of Olympia Odos

Installation and Use of the OLYMPIA PASS

In passenger cars, the transponder is placed high on the windscreen behind the rear-view mirror.

In buses/trucks, the transponder is placed centrally at the bottom of the windscreen.

In any case, the transponder must be mounted firmly on the vehicle windscreen.

info If a special sun protection film has been added on the windscreen, then the place where the transponder will be mounted should remain uncovered.

danger If you have multiple transponders 
Ensure that while you pass through you have placed the device you want to charge on the windscreen. It is advisable that you place any other devices in the special bag that you will be given with the device.

Proper placement of the OLYMPIA PASS transponder


O-pass Hλεκτρονική λωρίδα

1Approaching the toll station, reduce speed to locate the electronic lanes.

2Before entering the electronic lane make sure that the lane you chose is operating (green arrow on the canopy of the toll station).

3Make sure that the transaction of the vehicle in front has been completed and the barrier has closed.

4Adjust your speed to 20km/hour and keep a safe distance (10m) from the vehicle in front


If the electronic lane is not operating for some reason (red X) go to the nearest lane with a toll collector and give him/her your device so that they can complete the transaction by charging your account..


info  Remember that

In case of change in the height of the vehicle due to load on the luggage-carrier, it is recommended to cross the lane with a toll collector, in order to be charged based on the category of your vehicle.


Messages appearing on the signs and what they mean

1Your transaction has been completed successfully. There is sufficient account balance or credit.

2Your transaction has been completed successfully. BUT your account balance is low and you have to recharge it as soon as possible.

3The transaction cannot be completed. Your account balance or credit is not sufficient.

4Your device has not been recognized by the Toll System. Use the intercom located on your left to speak with an employee of the toll station.

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