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Reducing accidents

For the whole of Europe, motorway means safety.

Reducing accidents

The development of modern motorways is an important factor in improving road safety.

Although, Greece has now a very dense motorway network, accidents have unfortunately not been reduced to zero. This is because the -unpredictable- human factor remains the first cause of accidents.

The case of the Korinthos-Patras motorway is typical, where the decrease of the fatal accidents since the commencement of the operation of the Concession Project is of 93%, while the few, but unfortunately not zero, accidents are all due to human factors.


Road - Vehicle - Driver

Road - Vehicle - Driver

Three are the "components" of road safety: road condition, vehicle condition and driving behavior.

Having constructed the most modern motorway in Greece, the first condition, that of the road condition, is met.

For the other two conditions, Olympia Odos has taken initiatives through an ongoing information and awareness raising program for students and road users.

The people of Olympia Road see to safely travel along the motorway, by monitoring the road network and intervening when necessary.

The patrol employees, the emergency intervention teams, the Traffic Management Centers’ operators are in a state of readiness to assist the drivers in the event of an incident, 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.

Since the commencement of the operation of the Concession Project, the Patrol-Intervention and Road Assistance Teams have made approximately 290,000 interventions to provide assistance in case of incidents (about 60 per day) mainly pertaining to immobilized vehicles, obstacles/objects on the pavement and other incidents (crashes with material damages, traffic jams etc.) with an average response time of 14 minutes.

Περίπολα & Ομάδες Επέμβασης

Patrols & Intervention Teams

Their duties include the following:

  • Implement temporary signage to safely regulate the traffic in the incident area and ensure the safety of all people involved;
  • Facilitate the work of the Emergency Services;
  • Cleaning of the pavement and removal of hazardous materials (oil, debris, etc.).

In the event of an emergency, the Traffic Management Center immediately informs the Emergency Services (Traffic Police, Fire Brigade, EKAV ambulances, etc.) while the Traffic Police or the Fire Brigade assume the coordination, depending on the incident.


Κέντρα Διαχείρισης Κυκλοφορίας

Traffic Management Centers

The Traffic Management Center (TMC) is the “heart” of the operation and coordinates all personnel employed on the field.

Olympia Odos has two modern and state-of-the-art Centers located at Nea Peramos and Rion.  They are equipped with state-of-the-art video walls with 12 60” displays showing the images from the traffic control cameras installed on the road and have a new equipment control and management system that allows the remote operation of the firefighting, irrigation, road lighting systems and the tunnel safety and road dynamic signage systems. The specialized personnel manage the emergency calls, collects, analyses and forwards information in order to coordinate the actions for dealing with emergencies using the resources of the company, by observing the instructions given by the Emergency Services, whenever necessary.


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Certifications & Policies

Certifications  & Policies