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Olympia Odos

Traffic Prediction

The following histogram presents the forecasted traffic volume at Elefsina and Isthmos Toll Stations per 15 minutes for the next 72 hours, in the direction to Pyrgos/Athens. The colors represent the traffic density forecast.

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Elefsina Toll Station
Isthmos Toll Station

How to use it:

Click on the toll station you are interested in and select the direction you are interested in. Drag the bar to the right and see the estimated traffic for the next three days. The colors represent the traffic density forecast (low, medium, high).

Service description

Olympia Odos created an innovative traffic forecasting service, accessible through the website and the Olympia Odos (download here).

The service operates at two spots of the motorway (Elefsina and Isthmos Toll Stations) where the highest traffic is recorded during peak periods and massive holiday departures such as Christmas, Ash Monday, Easter and August 15th.

The innovative Olympia Odos application is based on a model providing traffic predictions where the following data are input:

  • Data on the passages from the specific toll stations;
  • Traffic statistics;
  • Calendar data (holidays);
  • Weather forecasts.

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