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Heavy maintenance

Heavy maintenance and the integration of technological innovations ensure that the project will be properly maintained until the end of its concession period.

Βαριά Συντήρηση

Project’s Infrastructure Management Platform

To efficiently manage the structures, Olympia Odos has developed a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system based on state-of-the-art methodologies. In addition to the traditional visual inspections carried out every three years, a special inspection of the behavior of the structural elements of each construction is foreseen, as well as their instrumentation and detailed inspections every six years.

The special digital platform developed by Olympia Odos is a detailed database which includes As-built drawings for the large structures of the Motorway (e.g. tunnels, bridges, etc.), infrastructure and pavements inspection data, quality documents and measurements particularly important for making decisions and for better planning the maintenance campaigns.

επιθεώρηση και συντήρηση


The infrastructure inspection and maintenance aim at keeping the motorway in the best possible conditions, thus ensuring a high level of safety to the drivers. A properly maintained infrastructure first means safety and secondly speed and comfort for the drivers.

The engineers conduct regular preventive inspections on the bridges, tunnels and the 2,200 large structures of the motorway, both to identify wear and tear issues and whenever it is considered necessary, for example after specific natural phenomena (earthquakes, extreme weather phenomena).

Rockfall protection works

The motorway crosses the foothills of the steep rocky area known also as Kakia Skala, the larger part of which is outside the boundaries of the Concession Project.

Olympia Odos, beyond of its contractual obligations, elaborated a Risk Assessment Study for the rockfalls in this area, with the assistance of a specialized working team and an external advisor.

Εργασίες Βραχοπροστασίας

The object of the Study was to evaluate the existing protection measures and analyze the risks, in order to propose to the State, who is responsible, additional protection measures at the risk zones.

Olympia Odos, preventively and in view of a comprehensive strategy for the protection from possible rockfalls, elaborated an action plan to minimize risks due to such phenomena.

Among the actions is the detailed inspection of the 35 existing rock traps and the works for emptying and maintenance of the rockfall fences.

At the same time, we examine new technologies that will allow for the remote monitoring of the area, such as cameras and drones, while specialized rope-access technicians perform scheduled inspections and emergency interventions.

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