Olympia Odos

Contactless transactions (POS)

Choose the lane with the Automatic Machines, pass the card over the sensor/reader and continue your journey quickly and... contactless!

Olympia Odos is the first motorway in Greece along which drivers / motorway users may make fully contactless transactions. A service that makes passing from toll stations more comfortable and easy.

92 POS in total on all lanes with Automatic Payment Machines (APM) of the frontal and side toll Stations of Olympia Odos Motorway accepts contactless transactions.

The procedure is very simple and quick:

  • By passing from the Automatic Payment Machine Lane (marked in green color), you simply pass your credit or debit card or any other connected item from the contactless transaction reader, and wait for a few seconds to get the receipt printout.
  • Otherwise, put your card in the relevant slot and enter your PIN.

Marking of the Lane with an Automatic Payment Machine (APM) Marking of the Lane with an Automatic Payment Machine (APM)

Arrow info The simple, fast and secure contactless transaction process helps reduce waiting time at toll booths, especially during peak traffic periods.

In the enclosed files you will find instructions on how to use an Automatic Payment Machine with POS or cash/ Moto Card.

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