Olympia Odos
Jun 2024

Road Safety Campaign with global reach by HELLASTRON's Greek Motorways

The Greek Motorway Network of HELLASTRON members, a continuously expanding network of 2,159 km, offers safe road access to every corner of mainland Greece, supporting economic growth.

It employs 6,000 employees who, day and night, see to the operation and maintenance of the infrastructure, having road safety as their main priority, which they keep at the highest level internationally.

Since its foundation in 2014, HELLASTRON plays a leading role in similar European and international associations. In 2024, for the first time - under the Greek presidency - the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA) is establishing the institution of a recurring global road safety campaign, which Hellenic Motorways are going to implement in Greece. In addition to IBTTA, all international bodies of the sector (European Association of Operators of Toll Road infrastructures - ASECAP, International Road Federation IRF, World Road Association PIARC, EDWARD project - Every Day Without A Road Death of the European Union, etc.) participate in this campaign.

The Road Safety Campaign, as of June 2024, promotes the importance of road safety and seeks to raise awareness at multiple levels among all stakeholders (drivers and passengers, field workers on the road, partner organizations, etc.). In Greece, the campaign is implemented on the Internet, social media and radio. It includes a) the Pan-European Day for the safety of staff working on motorways, on 20 June, focusing on the need to protect them, conveying the message #(S)he works #I Care and b) the global road safety campaign, promoting best practices in driving behavior with the message: "Be Safe Together".

Simple things we can do, such as checking the vehicle before we start, wearing a seat belt, helmet, using a child seat, being fit and concentrated while driving, respecting speed limits and distances, following the instructions depending on the situation and the weather conditions, make our trips safer.

HELLASTRON's Greek Motorways, thanks to continuous investments, offer a safe environment where the competent state agencies (traffic police, fire brigade, ambulances) can intervene in a very short time. The thousands of staff working on motorways, often "invisible" when working and offering their assistance, produce multi-faceted work with visible results: improvement of road safety and provision of very high-level services, comparable if not better than those provided at European and global level.

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