Olympia Odos
Dec 2022

Information about the rockfall incident in the area of Kakia Skala

Today, early in the morning a rock detached from the steep area of Kakia Skala, pieces of which ended up on the pavement in the direction to Athens. Immediately, upon relevant order given by the Traffic Police, the traffic in the direction to Athens was diverted to the Old National Road, on the section from Kineta Interchange (55.8 km) to Megara Interchange (38.6 km).

We inform the drivers traveling from Korinthos to Athens, that the traffic is currently using the ONR, while New Jersey safety barriers are already being installed between the right and the middle lane, in order to open to the traffic the right lane within the day. The full opening to traffic will depend on the completion of the works undertaken by the special team of rope-access technicians, who are continuing the "scaling" (remove loose parts of rock that have been disturbed) at a very high altitude above and outside the Concession Project boundaries. 

At the same time, a rockfall fence is being set up on the spot to allow, having the safety of users in mind, for another traffic lane to be opened to traffic in the coming days.

It is noted that from the very first moment, the engineers of Olympia Odos together with the rope-access technicians and the specialized company that monitors the activity of the rocky area of Kakia Skala are on the spot and together with the competent services of the State are working to make up the consequences of the rockfall and ensure the safe operation of the highway in this area.

Olympia Odos kindly requests the drivers to comply with the instructions of the Traffic Police and to be particularly careful when passing through the area.


The footage shows:

- The rockfall spot, which is located outside the Project boundary at the top of the rocky area;

- the activity of the rope-access technicians (access to the rockfall spot);

- in the last part of the video, the detachment area and the path followed by the rock can be seen. 

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