Olympia Odos
Mar 2023

Road Safety training for the drivers of the future!

“In real life there is no Undo”

  • Participation in the 16th Pan-Hellenic Road Safety Week (20-26 March 2023)
  • 3,000 students from 29 schools in Achaia and Korinthia receive road safety training
  • RSI Traffic Education Program "Do it right"
  • Aiming for "zero accidents" through responsible driving behavior

Olympia Odos, in cooperation with “Panos Mylonas” Road Safety Institute (RSI), continues for another year the training on vital road safety issues offered to secondary school students. For the 5th year, thousands of students had the opportunity to participate in the Institute's experiential training program using state-of-the-art simulators.

From 13 to 17 March 2023, 1,980 students from 23 schools in Achaia and one in Attica attended the innovative RSI program “Do it right” and were informed about the importance of road safety. During the 16th Pan-Hellenic Road Safety Week (20-24 March), the training continued in Korinthia, where 740 students from four schools in Kiato and Korinthos participated in the program, taking the first step towards a future with zero accidents. Another 300 students from schools in Xylokastro will follow on 5 April. 

The cooperation between Olympia Odos and the RSI is not limited to these training sessions. These last years, they have been jointly implementing the road safety "Pit Stops" at Motorist Service Stations along the motorway to inform drivers about the proper maintenance of their vehicles and the safe driving behavior.

The VINCI Autoroutes Foundation for Responsible Driving (Fondation VINCI AUTOROUTES) supports Olympia Odos in the promotion of road safety, which systematically organizes information and awareness campaigns on road risks and funds road safety surveys in 11 European countries, including Greece. For VINCI Highways, the major shareholder of Olympia Odos, the protection of human life is a top priority, while zero accidents for drivers and employees is the most important objective. Olympia Odos shares this culture and has reduced fatal accidents on the Korinthos - Patras motorway by 93% since the beginning of the concession project to date. 

Regarding the students' trainings, the Chairman and CEO of OLYMPIA ODOS S.A., Dr. Panayiotis Papanikolas said: “At Olympia Odos, our main concern is to continuously upgrade the infrastructure to provide drivers with a modern and safe motorway. However, driving on the motorway also requires proper preparation and responsible driving behavior. Our shared vision with “Panos Mylonas” Road Safety Institute is to create a new generation of drivers who will “drive differently”, respecting their own lives and the lives of others.

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