You can travel all over the country using OLYMPIA PASS transponder and enjoy fast and comfortable trips thanks to the upgraded interoperability service “Greek Interoperable Tolling Systems (GRITS).

The GRITS service is offered at no cost through OLYMPIA PASS at the electronic toll lanes of all Greek motorways covering 2.133 kilometers in total: 

  • Attiki Odos
  • Moreas
  • Αegean Motorway
  • Nea Odos
  • Kentriki Odos
  • Egnatia Odos 
  • “Charilaos Trikoupis” Rion-Antirion Bridge.


  • The holders of an OLYMPIA PASS transponder or any other transponder issued by a Greek motorway do not need to proceed with any action, since interoperability will be activated automatically and free of charge.


  • For those who want to get an OLYMPIA PASS transponder the procedure is very simple. Subscribe Online on our webpage www.olympiaodos.gr 


Important things you need to know about the interoperability service (GRITS)

  • Every motorway applies its own commercial policy and offers its own discount packages, which are valid only on the specific network and using only the relevant transponder.  For any passages on all other motorways, the each time nominal toll rates do apply.
  • If you have more than one transponders on your vehicle, you shall install on your windscreen only the transponder you want to charge.
  • You can top up your account using the payment network of the motorway with which you cooperate and in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions.
  • Always see to your account having a sufficient balance. GRITS service updates concerning the top-up of your account are made as follows:
    • Within 1 hour after you have completed your transaction at the lanes with a toll collector, at Customer  Service Centers, or on the Internet;
    • In a few hours through commercial partners;
    • Within 1 working day after a bank deposit. At the toll stations you shall use the electronic lanes depending on the category of your vehicle.
  • At the toll stations you shall use the electronic lanes depending on the category of your vehicle. Note that the same vehicle categories do not apply to all highways. 
  • In case of modification of the vehicle height (e.g. with cargo on the grill, bicycles etc.): To be charged for the right vehicle category, as well as for safety reasons, please pass from a lane with a toll collector. If you pass from an electronic lane without a height sign, you will be charged with the rate for a higher vehicle category.  There is a risk of accident in the event that you will try to pass from an electronic lane with a height sign.