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Olympia Odos launches a new road safety campaign

Olympia Odos: A construction challenge

One step to completion. Large scale drill at the Panagopoula tunnels

Olympia Odos, National Supporter of the Biggest Voluntary Campaign for cleaning Greece

Students observe Large Scale Drill at new Mavra Litharia tunnels

340 students visited the worksites of the Panagopoula tunnels and Rio I/C

Demolition of the Old Rio Toll Station

Old Diminio Bridge: The last demolition on Korinthos-Patra

Construction Progress - December 2016

The construction challenges of the Panagopoula tunnels

Demolition of bridge at the Kiato I/C

Reforestation of the seaside grove in Sarantapichiotika-Corinthia by students of the Kryoneri and Xylokastro High Schools.