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03 Dec 2014

Olympia Odos; member of Diazoma Association, as of today

Olympia Odos S.A. aligns its steps to the Citizens Movement “Diazoma” in order to promote the cultural monuments of Northern Peloponnesus. A significant project, a road that will safely link our country and will shorten the distance between the Capital of the country and many important destinations, is assisting an effort that started five years ago and has already been adopted by many people, such as specialists (archeologists, restoration workers, conservators of antiquities etc.), the scientific and cultural community, and mainly the local communities.

Mr. Stavros Benos, President of Diazoma Association, stated that:
“We are happy, since in promoting the ancient theaters of our country we have a fellow-companion, a large company, namely Olympia Odos S.A., a company that made a lot to improve the Greek road network, a company that designs, finances and constructs the Olympia Odos Motorway connecting Athens with the Northwest Peloponnesus. We join our visions and our forces to plan and develop a Cultural Route which will focus on the major ancient theaters and archeological sites located along Olympia Odos. The aims of our above program is the conservation and restoration of the monuments of Northwest Peloponnesus on the one hand and on the other hand their connection with the sustainable development of the region.”

On the occasion of this cooperation, the CEO of Olympia Odos, Mr. Panayiotis Papanikolas, stated that:
“For all of us the people who work for this difficult and much longed for project, Olympia Odos is not only a motorway. Is (and will be), over time, a living organism, a vehicle of human activities, needs and expectations for development and communication.

We are committed in constructing and operating a high-quality motorway that will fully meet the expectations of the users for qualitative and safe trips. In addition to this mission, however, we are driven by an overpowering vision: to rally people and communities to joint actions and initiatives, to promote our country, every city and every village of Northwest Peloponnesus and TOGETHER achieve development. Because the road entails both economic and cultural development.

Today, we take a step towards this direction, the direction of responsibility, together with DIAZOMA Association, that since the last five years responsibly and efficiently works to promote and protect the cultural heritage monuments. As a member of the Association, Olympia Odos will, as of today, actively support the initiatives of the Association to elaborate and promote the Cultural Route of Northwest Peloponnesus, together with the institutional bodies, the local communities and every citizen who wants to participate in this undertaking.”