26 Nov 2014

Olympia Odos at the Intelligent Transportation Systems & Smart Cities International Congress

Olympia Odos at the Intelligent Transportation Systems & Smart Cities International Congress – State-of-the-art technology serving road safety.

Olympia Odos presented another aspect of the Project, i.e. the extensive use of state-of-the-art technology, at the International Congress on “Intelligent Transportation Systems & Smart Cities” held in Patras on 19-22 November and organized by the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Patras in cooperation with ITS Hellas and the assistance of the Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers.  

The officials of Olympia Odos Operation projected the image of the project in the near future and presented the systems that will equip the Athens-Patras Motorway upon its completion. In particular, the motorway will be equipped with Intelligent Transportation Systems along its entire length to allow for the daily traffic management and the prompt information diffusion from the road to the two Traffic Management Centers (TMC) and from the TMCs to the drivers and the Emergency Services. In addition, the 29 tunnels of the project (of a total length of 25 km, the longest of which is of 4 km) will have additional equipment to promptly detect and respond to incidents that may occur inside the tunnels and along their accesses, in accordance with the European standards. The incorporation of the entire equipment, both for the open road and the tunnels, will be achieved thanks to a central Motorway Management System, the main features of which will be the high availability and the extensive use of automations which allow the quick and complete recording and processing of the data, as well as the prompt detection of and response to an incident.
As regards the open road equipment, indicatively, it will consist of 257 SOS telephones, 50 CCTV cameras for the open motorway, 14 Variable Message signs, seven weather stations and 43 traffic measurements stations with 324 induction loops. Similarly, the 29 tunnels of the motorway will be equipped with 873 SOS telephones, 76 vari-focal cameras, 300 fixed focal length cameras to automatically detect incidents, 21 Variable Message signs, 270 various traffic management electronic signs (variable speed limit signs, multi-task signs, lane availability signs etc.), as well as 30 mobile barriers (bars) to close the traffic in case of incident.

Olympia Odos, in addition to the particular strategic importance that has at a national and regional level regarding the development of Peloponnesus and Western Greece, is also a project using state-of-the-art technology and having a comprehensive ITS plan aiming at ensuring the drivers high standards of road safety addition to comfortable and quick trips.

During the said Congress, Olympia Odos also presented the GRITS Tolls Interoperability system and the conclusions from its implementation, to date, in five concession motorways (Attiki Odos, Aegean Motorway, Rion-Antirion Bridge, Moreas Motorway and Olympia Odos).