24 Dec 2021

New distinctions awarded to Olympia Odos for its Hybrid Tolling System within the context of the National Customer Service Awards 2021

  • Distinction for the first distance-based tolling system in Greece
  • Real Life Heroes our 3 colleagues who saved a 2-year old girl from choking

Olympia Odos was awarded the highest award at the National Customer Service Awards 2021 in the category “Best use of Technology for Customer Experience” for its innovative Hybrid distance-based tolling system, the first distance-based tolling system in Greece which offers significant benefits to the users and has a great positive effect on local communities. 

For the first time in Greece, the Hybrid system deals with the socially fair charging issue, and ensures that the users pay only for the distance they have traveled. The Hybrid System already attracts local customers/users to the motorway, while, reducing the number of road accidents and decongesting the service road network. 

Real Life Heroes Awards - a human interest story that inspires us

This year, Olympia Odos Operation S.A. participated in the special “Real Life Heroes Awards” with its own heroes, the headliners of a really human story.  An afternoon in May, Dimitris Chronis, Michalis Dimitroulakos and Christos Liogris while working at the interchange of Pachi/Megara managed to save a 2-years old girl from choking on a candy in her throat, thanks to their calm intervention.  Our three colleagues quickly approached the vehicle that stopped close to them and when they saw the father of the child asking for help in a state of shock, they immediately and effectively applied First Aid techniques. 

For the family of Olympia Odos, our three colleagues are real heroes and an example which inspires us and reminds us that the first concern of our job is to ensure human life in all aspects of everyday life. 

Mr. Panayiotis Papanikolas, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Olympia Odos, stated that:

“The awards that Olympia Odos received at the Greek Customer Service Institute Awards confirms our strategic choice to focus our business decisions on people and their needs. The kilometric tolling that we first implemented in Greece thanks to the Hybrid innovative technological system is a great social investment for the Local Communities crossed by the Motorway. This year, we were touched and amazed at how our three colleagues Dimitris, Michalis and Christos retained their sangfroid and were brave enough to offer our little friend the possibility to continue her life with optimism and smiling.  We thank them for their example from the bottom of our heart.”

Mr. Kostas Papandreou, Chief Executive Officer of Olympia Odos Operation, stated:

“Every day we focus on consolidating our relationship of trust with our customers thanks to the direct contact between them and of our colleagues on the front line, i.e. at the Traffic Management Centers, the Customer Service Centers, the call center. However, the patrolling people will always be irreplaceable, since they are next to us when we really need them.

What Dimitris, Michalis and Christos did is beyond any requirements and expectations.  We are all stunned! The words happiness, satisfaction, amazement, admiration, pride and a lot of emotion are not enough to describe what we feel about the happy end of this critical incident.”