04 Jun 2021

World Environment Day 2021: Two new electric vehicles for the Operation of Olympia Odos

Olympia Odos increases its fleet by adding two new maintenance electric vehicles, and fulfills its commitment to sustainable development and protection of the environment. Tomorrow, June 5, 2021, on the World Environment Day, the two vehicles will take their first drive along the motorway.

The action is part of a pilot program to turn the fleet into a “green” fleet aiming at highlighting the capacities of electric vehicles in real operation conditions and in particular as regards the driving behavior of the personnel, the weather conditions and the requirements of the maintenance works. This procedure will help collect valuable data on the performance of the vehicles and better understand the economic benefits, while meeting the operational needs, as first priority, and reducing the emission of pollutants at the same time.

This initiative has a significant environmental value and positive impacts on the climate and health, since it helps reducing the air pollutants and the noise levels. Aiming at ensuring the success of the program, in association with the advanced technology of professional electric vehicles expected in the near future, Olympia Odos aspires to further extend its fleet of electric vehicles.

The vehicles are electric Citroën e-Jumpy compact vans, equipped with a bar with flashing lights on their roof and appropriate interior arrangement. Their technical features include an 100 kW (136 hp) electric engine, a 50 kWh battery and a range of 230 kilometers. According to the plan, they will be used on a daily basis mainly for scheduled daily maintenance works along the motorway and will be charged during the night, with a slow charging of 4.5 hours with a charger rated at 22KW.

Olympia Odos is fully committed to its plan to reduce its carbon footprint by taking key initiatives, such as the investment in EV charging infrastructure at the MSSs of Velo and Psathopyrgos, optimization of the lighting in the tunnels and supply of all infrastructure with power of a certified origin from 100% renewable sources. The fact that vehicles of zero emissions join its fleet is another excellent example illustrating its long-term strategy in this direction.