12 Feb 2021

Preventive measures to be taken by drivers in view of bad weather conditions

In view of the bad weather “Medea” expected in the following days, Olympia Odos has put its operation mechanism in a state of increased readiness. At the same time, it reminds the drivers who intend to travel during the next days to take some important preventive measures for a safe driving.

Before starting your trip

  • Consult the weather forecasts, be informed about the conditions on the road network and avoid the peak of the weather phenomena. Travel only if it is absolutely necessary.
  • Do not leave without your snow chains and unless you are absolutely sure that you know how to fit them to the tires. A pair of thin waterproof gloves is required for fitting the chains.
  • Opt to travel during daylight hours. 
  • Be sure that the vehicle’s radiator and the air conditioning are working properly and that you are equipped with a warning road safety triangle and a reflective jacket.
  • Full your fuel tank up and top up your screenwash.

Driving in snow

  • Accelerate gently and avoid abrupt changes of your speed.
  • Keep calm, do not rush and drive slowly, handling the steering-wheel smoothly.
  • Decelerate gently, change to the lower gears gradually and avoid braking unless necessary.
  • Make the task of the snowplows easier, by keeping safe distances. Do not overtake and do not block the road to snowplows.
  • Always follow the instructions of the Traffic Police and the personnel competent for the operation of the Motorway.

How to fit snow chains

If the Traffic Police orders the compulsory use of snow chains, stop at the next parking area or Motorists Service Station (MSS) of the Motorway in order to fit the snow chains. Remember that snow chains:

  • Shall always be fitted on the steering wheels, while in four-wheel drive vehicles they are fitted on the front wheels.
  • They are properly fitted when they appear to be and are properly tightened.
  • When snow chains are fitted do not travel at speeds in excess of 40km/h.

In case of emergency, call 1025.

You can watch a video on safe driving in snow on the YouTube channel of Olympia Odos or by clicking the following link: