06 Sep 2011

Announcement regarding the flooding at the area of Aegialia

Following the flooding that occurred at the area of Aegialia on 01/09/2011 and after reports in the Press, OLYMPIA ODOS S.A. states the following:

The supervising authority of the Project, the Independent Engineer, cooperated with the Municipality of Aegialia from the very beginning, in investigating the cause of the flood along with any possible responsibilities held by the construction company.

In the area of the Meganitis Bridge, the land delivered to the concessionaire included a hidden culvert, whose exit had been previously covered by earth and debris prior to delivery. The constructor of Olympia Odos could not, in the absence of “as built” drawings, identify this culvert and its hidden exit point.

After the flood, the constructor and the Municipality investigated the causes of the flood and discovered this culvert and immediately proceeded with the task of clearing it.

After investigation, it appeared that flooding in this area had been a recurring event, probably due to this blocked culvert.