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11 Oct 2019

Traffic arrangements between Patras K1 and Eglykada Interchanges

Within the framework of the reconstruction of the shaft crests in the Patras Bypass Tunnels on the section from Patras K1 I/C (k.p. 205.150) to Eglykada I/C (k.p. 212.600) traffic arrangements will be implemented from Sunday 13/10 to Friday 15/10, during which the traffic at the work zones will be served, depending on the phase, from the right and EL lanes or the left lane.

In particular for the implementation of the works to secure the tunnel work zones, short night traffic closures will be required from 21:00 p.m. to 07:00 a.m. of the next day during which the traffic will be diverted to the city of Patras, in accordance with the following schedule:


Start time - date

End time - date

In the direction to:

21:00 - Sunday 13/10/2019

07:00 - Monday 14/10/2019


21:00 - Monday 14/10/2019

07:00 - Tuesday 15/10/2019


21:00 - Wednesday 16/10/2019

07:00 - Thursday 17/10/2019

Pyrgos & Athens

21:00 - Friday 18/10/2019

07:00 - Saturday 19/10/2019


21:00 – Saturday 19/10/2019

07:00 - Sunday 20/10/2019


21:00 - Monday 21/10/2019

07:00 - Tuesday 22/10/2019


21:00 - Tuesday 22/10/2019

07:00 - Wednesday 23/10/2019

Pyrgos & Athens

21:00 - Wednesday 23/10/2019

07:00 - Thursday 24/10/2019


21:00 - Thursday 24/10/2019

07:00 - Friday 25/10/2019



During the above arrangements, the traffic to Pyrgos shall use the Athens-Patras NNR, and Kanelopoulou, Iroon Politechniou, Akti Dimeon, and Eleftheriou Venizelou streets, and will re-enter the Patras Bypass at Eglykada I/C. The traffic to Athens shall use the streets of Eleftheriou Venizelou, Akti Dimeon, Trion Navarchon, Agiou Andrea, Norman, Iroon Politechniou and Kanelopoulou and will re-enter the Korinthos-Patras NNR at Patras K1 I/C.

Olympia Odos would like to thank the drivers for their understanding and invites them to comply with the relevant signage and the instructions of the Traffic Police, as well as to be particularly careful when crossing the said areas.