04 Mar 2011


Following recent reports in the press regarding the meeting of the Parliament’s Standing Committee on Road Safety that took place on Tuesday 22.02.2011, which state that “Korinthos-Patra is indicated as the most dangerous motorway, as we recorded that most of the 58 fatal road accidents in total took place there” - although it is not clear where the reported number of 58 fatal accidents took place - we would like to inform that based on detailed data in our possession, which have been systematically cross checked by the Traffic Police, from the commencement of the Concession until today, on the Korinthos-Patra New National Road, the following have been documented:

  • In 2008, 26 accidents with 36 fatalities. Please note that the concession began in the 8th month of the year (on 04/08/2008).
  • In 2009, 18 accidents with 29 fatalities, representing a 31% decrease in fatal accidents and 19% in deaths compared to 2008.
  • In 2010, 7 accidents with 10 fatalities, representing a 61% decrease in fatal accidents and 65% in deaths compared with 2009

The reduction in fatalities did not occur by chance, but it is the result of a broader, painstaking and persistent effort.

Olympia Odos, since August 2008, when it took over the road, has:

  • Immediately invested in road safety by implementing a series of immediate priority actions to enhance road safety. These measures included, among others, major improvements of the asphalt (antiskid), correction of pre-existing problems and improvements in the field of signage, protection (replacement, extension and enhancement of safety barriers), the plumbing of the road, the street lighting etc.
  • In the field of operations, 400 employees of the Operator are on the road 24hrs/day, 365 days a year, supervising and inspecting, restoring problems, cleaning and removing any obstacles, transporting immobilized vehicles and offering valuable services and assistance to drivers, always in cooperation with the local Traffic Police that have the responsibility of policing the road.
  • In the field of construction, despite the difficulties of conducting works alongside traffic, in limited space and over an extended length of 120 kilometres, the relevant traffic arrangements focus on the safety of drivers and workers, while specialized scientists and all involved bodies (transport engineers, constructors, Operator, Traffic Police, relevant departments of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks) work closely together for their implementation.

The decrease in fatalities is an encouraging step, but road safety is an ongoing effort, which involves everyone. Olympia Odos is not reassured and is committed to continuing the effort.