07 Jul 2017

New Zevgolatio I/C in operation - Initiation of new toll system on the new Korinthos – Patra motorway Korinthos – Xylokastro section

From midnight of Sunday 9th to Monday 10th of July 2017, the new Zevgolatio I/C will be delivered to traffic and at the same time, the toll system of the new Korinthos – Patra motorway will be implemented. The transition to the new system will be done in phases, starting from the Korinthos – Xylokastro section, where:

  • Charging at the existing Kiato frontal toll station will be in both directions and
  • Operation of the ramp toll stations at the interchanges of Zevgolatio (charging to/from Athens) and Kiato (charging to/from Patra)

With the following rates:

The new ramp toll stations of Zevgolatio and Kiato will operate with Automatic Payment Machines or use of transponder.

The VALUE discount program is extended to include the above mentioned stations, which offers scalable discounts of 15% up to 60%, for category 1 and 2 vehicles (with the use of the O-Pass transponder or Olympia Odos Motocard), depending on the frequency or passage by every frontal or ramp toll station.

It is noted that there are no changes on the Elefsina – Korinthos section and that with the full implementation of the new toll system (including the Xylokastro – Patra section) in the near future, the total toll cost for category 2 vehicles for the entire 202km (Elefsina-Patra) will be 11.50€.

Olympia Odos confirms its commitment to provide quality services, aiming at safety, speed and comfort, making the use of the motorway a conscious choice for motorists.


For information on how to obtain an O-Pass and the discount programs, please  refer to Customer Care Services by calling 22960-95555, as well as the Customer Service Stations at the toll stations of Elefsina, Isnthos, Kiato and Rio.