European Programms



Olympia Odos participates in the program “Horizon 2020: Research and Innovation Actions (Horizon 2020 RIA)”, with the project COnstruction-phase diGItal Twin mOdel (COGITO). COGITO aims at accelerating the digitalization in lean construction as a steppingstone to achieve the industrialization of the construction sector, by taking advantage of the Digital Twins standard and creating virtual copies of the various procedures and simulating various project progress scenarios.

Thanks to real-time data collection tools it is possible to make valid predictions relevant to the prevention of accidents, structural tests and identification of problems. The COGITO toolkit introduces a new concept regarding the management of complex systems/ecosystems to be used in the construction and management of infrastructure projects. The program was launched in November 2020 and will last for 36 months.


Safe and Secure Truck Parking Area (SSTPA) in Akrata

Olympia Odos participates in the action “Development of nine Safe and Secure Truck Parking Areas in Greece” together with the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) within the framework of the funding instrument Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for Transport. It aims at dealing with the current lack of safe truck parkings and at improving the safety along the national road network. Within the context of this initiative, an existing truck parking area in Akrata will be upgraded, thanks to the installation of cameras and guarding systems, up to the Silver level and will have a capacity of 45 trucks. Sanitary infrastructure (WC and showers) will be installed in this parking area, as well as a resting area, an Internet room and a control room. At the same time, an web platform will be developed to optimize the use of these areas by making reservations for the parking lots. The project, of a total worth of €2.5 million euros, started in August 2020 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.


Research project HERON

OLYMPIA ODOS OPERATION S.A. is partner of the new research project HERON, which has been funded by the European Commission. The project will improve road maintenance, safety, and efficiency by relying on automated systems, robots, and deep machine learning techniques. The project aims to improve occupational safety and health among road workers, by reducing fatalities due to accidents and exposure to toxic fumes. It also aims to reduce traffic disruptions due to maintenance works and decrease the costs for carrying out these works.

HERON will result in an integrated automated system that performs maintenance roadworks. The system will also support the pre/post-intervention phase by aiding visual inspections and by dispensing/removing traffic cones in an automated manner.