Construction Progress

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The construction of the motorway while in operation made the construction progress clearly visible to both the passing motorists and the residents living in the area.

More than 20 worksites were developed along the 120 kilometers of the Korinthos-Patra motorway and more than 3,000 people worked for the completion of the motorway.


Korinthos – Kiato section

Korinthos – Kiato section:
from Ancient Korinthos Interchange to Kiato Interchange. A 20km section comprising 7 overpasses, 19 underpasses, 5 bridges and 3 interchanges.

Kiato – Derveni section

Kiato – Derveni section:
from the Kiato Interchange to the Lykoporia Interchange. A 34km section comprising of 12 overpasses, 22 underpasses, 12 bridges, 6 lane covers and cut & covers and 3 interchanges.

Derveni – Platanos section

Derveni – Platanos section:
from Derveni Interchange to Platanos tunnel exit. A 15km section comprising 1 overpass, 14 underpasses, 8 bridges, 2 lane covers and cut & covers, 4 tunnels with a total length of 7 km and 1 interchange.

Platanos – Aigio section

Platanos – Aigio section:
from the exit of Platanos tunnel to West Aigio. A 22km section comprising 5 overpasses, 28 underpasses, 9 bridges, 2 lane covers and cut & covers and 3 interchanges.

Aigio – Panagopoula section

Aigio – Panagopoula section:
from West Aigio to the West Exit of Panagopoula tunnel. A 15km section comprising 19 underpasses, 4 bridges and the 2 Panagopoula tunnels with a total length of 8.3 km and 1 interchange.

Panagopoula – Rio section

Panagopoula – Rio section:
from the West Exit of Panagopoula tunnel to Rio. A 13km section comprising 3 overpasses, 27 underpasses, 8 bridges, 1 lane cover and 2 interchanges.