Olympia Odos is now part of a modern motorway network connecting the major Greek cities.


Road Safety

Olympia Odos is safer because:

  • There is a separation of the two traffic directions
  • There are Interchanges safely linking the motorway with the other road network
  • Motorists enjoy an environment with uniform characteristics


Increasing traffic capacity and time saving

Motorists enjoy shorter and safer journeys.


Services 24 hours/day, 365 days/year

Olympia Odos is a complete infrastructure of services which aims to deliver safe and comfortable travels for road users and professional drivers, providing a range of facilities (motorists service stations, car parking areas and WCs, Emergency Roadside Telephones (ERT), state-of-the-art Traffic Management Centers etc.) Above all, Olympia Odos is the company’s people. The patrol staff, the intervention teams in case of emergencies, and the call centre operators, all ensure that every moment of our journey is comfortable and safe.


Impact on the Economy and Employment

  • Direct employment for 3,500 people during the construction period;
  • Annual employment for the maintenance and operation activities: currently 450, in the future 600 employees;
  • Indirect annual employment in the fields of material procurement, supporting the construction/operation.


Growth features of the project

  • Contribution to the National Regional Development Policy (better accessibility, strengthening/improving the competitiveness of serviced regions);
  • Positive impact on the spatial arrangement of the country (completion of PATHE Motorway, linking of key ports:  Patra with Athens, Piraeus and other regional centers etc.)