OLYMPIA ODOS S.A. is the company selected by the Greek Ministry of Public Works to design, finance, construct, operate and maintain the Olympia Odos motorway for a period of 30 years, starting in 2008. The Shareholders of the anonymous company are all extremely experienced in designing and implementing large scale challenging projects in Greece and around the world.


VINCI CONCESSIONS S.A.S. (29,9%). VINCI Concessions is Europe´s largest operator of transport infrastructure concessions and the world´s leading private motorway concessions operator. As both developer and assembler of new concessions and owner of a unique portfolio of operating concessions, VINCI Concessions plays a key role in the trend towards public-private partnerships (PPP), stimulated by the growing infrastructure requirements of local public authorities. Also engaged in a new services dynamic, VINCI Concessions implements innovations that optimise the efficiency of the infrastructure for which it holds operating concessions, exemplifying a responsible approach as holder of public service concessions, keen to meet the expectations of its 600 million customers.




HOCHTIEF PPP SOLUTIONS GmbH (17%). In its PPP Solutions segment HOCHTIEF Solutions AG (17%) develops and realizes concessions and operator projects in the business fields roads and social infrastructure. The company’s PPP experts are also active in the energy segment. HOCHTIEF Solutions consolidates the core business of the HOCHTIEF Group in Europe and in selected regions worldwide. The company plans, develops, builds, operates and manages real estate and infrastructure facilities. HOCHTIEF Solutions is the management company of the Group’s Europe division. In many regions and segments, the company is a market and innovation leader.




AVAX S.A. (19,1%) is one of the largest construction Groups in Greece and abroad, listed in the main market of the Athens Exchange since 1994. The group’s activities in all aspects of construction projects, civil engineering, building, port and road works, with the import of technical know-how from abroad and the exports to other countries, it has become a serious and accountable partner in co-operations with international institutions and the largest construction companies internationally. A unique characteristic of the group’s activities is the adhesion to its basic principles, which revolve around human needs and serve aesthetics and efficiency.




AKTOR CONCESSIONS (17%) is a leader in co-funded works, such as the participation in Attiki Odos Motorway and Rio-Antirion Bridge. Apart from participating in the construction of these works, it also has a shareholding in the respective companies operating the works, gaining significant experience in the management of such works.




GEK TERNA (17%) GEK TERNA Group of Companies is one of the largest and strongest Greek business groups in the fields of construction (through its 100% subsidiary TERNA S.A.) concessions (Olympia Odos, Nea Odos, Kentriki Ellados, parking stations etc), real estate and energy production from thermal (HERON S.A.) and Renewable Sources (TERNA Energy S.A.) Apart from its dominant presence in the Greek market, GEK TERNA is also active in the South – Eastern Europe and the Middle East.