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"Water from the air" video for website

Olympia Odos: Kilometric charge for the first time in Greece

Watch the Kilometric charge of Olympia Odos in 50"

Olympia Odos: Our initiatives for the environment

The Region of Western Greece informs the public about Covid-19 with the support of Olympia Odos.

Gastronomy destination: Patras

Gastronomy destination: Aigialia

Gastronomy destination: Nemea

Gastronomy destination: Kalavryta

We return, but we still stay alert!

Have a safe journey

Happy Easter full of Joy & Health!

Μεταφορά πτερυγίων ανεμογεννητριών, μήκους 75 μέτρων- αναστροφή στην περιοχή των διοδίων Ελευσίνας