01 Jun 2022

Olympia Odos App: The Olympia Odos application blazes trails for travelers.

  • A comprehensive set of innovative services for travelers using the Elefsina – Korinthos - Patras - Pyrgos Motorway
  • Very large range of services offered to the Olympia PASS subscribers

Following the introduction of the Hybrid system which allows the distance-based tolling, for the first time in Greece, Olympia Odos innovates once again by developing the Olympia Odos App, an application offering travelers the opportunity to plan their trip more comfortably and accurately.

In order to upgrade the travel experience, the application offers new possibilities to the users of Elefsina-Korinthos-Patras Motorway, by incorporating state-of-the-art digital technologies in a suite of integrated innovative services which make every trip more pleasant and safer. This new offering is leading the VINCI Highways innovative strategy for enhancing the digital user engagement. The lessons learned and experience will be accelerated across the network through the VINCI Highways Innovation Centre of Excellence community. 

In particular, through Olympia Odos App, all travelers regardless of whether they are OLYMPIA Pass subscribers or not, may access a set of smart services allowing them to calculate tolls, choose the best route and be informed about the traffic along the motorway.

Moreover, the users have the possibility to timely locate key points along their route, such as Motorist Service Stations, Parking areas and Sanitary Facilities, Motorway Exits, etc., using the interactive map of the Olympia Odos App.

In addition, with an overall view to ensure the safety, the Olympia Odos application informs the users, by sound alerts, about emergencies, while it offers direct calls to the Emergency Center. 

At the same time, the application offers a very large range to the OLYMPIA PASS subscribers, since it allows them to proceed with all actions regarding their own account. Therefore, using the Olympia Odos App they may:

  • top-up their transponder online and add a new to their account,
  • monitor their account 24/7,
  • update their profile, 
  • and the loss or theft of the transponder.


To highlight the cultural and environmental monuments along the motorway, the application is also a new-generation travel guide for Northern Peloponnese promoting selected sites of interest where you can take a virtual tour.

Olympia Odos App is available free of charge for iOS and Android.

Watch the video here: