08 Aug 2014

Statement of Mr. Panayotis Papanikolas, CEO of Olympia Odos, during the visit of the Minister at the Project

The section of Ancient Korinthos – Zevgolatio 6.5 km long was delivered to traffic

Within the framework of the delivery of the new motorway section on Thursday, August 07, in the presence of the Minister Mr. Chryssochoides, the CEO of Olympia Odos, Mr. Panayotis Papanikolas, made the following statement:

“We are particularly happy to deliver this new motorway section today, as we are making the first step towards the fulfillment of the commitment we have undertaken. Since the beginning of the year, at Olympia Odos we've “rolled up our sleeves” and are literally "speeding" to complete the Project. This is what all drivers see every day, since the works are progressing next to the active part of the road. The undertaking is difficult, because we are constructing a motorway on an active motorway, thus disturbing both drivers and  workers.

The impressive progress of works along the entire length of the road has been first perceived by the local communities. The people directly employed at the worksites increased by more than 60% from the first to the second semester of the year, thus reaching 2,000 people. These are unskilled and semi-skilled workers, foremen, surveying engineers, civil engineers etc. The local economy has been significantly strengthened also thanks to the people indirectly employed in the Project, the local suppliers and the subcontractors.

We, at Olympia Odos, work tirelessly in order to deliver a motorway of high standards that will meet the current needs of its users. Our ultimate objective is to pave the way, together with the local communities, for growth, by promoting the cultural monuments, the famous beaches and the high quality local products of all areas crossed by the Project.”