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08 Oct 2021

Short prohibition of traffic to vehicles transporting dangerous goods from Panagopoula Tunnels in the traffic direction to Athens

To carry out scheduled fan maintenance works in Panagopoula Tunnel (4 km lenght), the traffic of vehicles transporting dangerous goods from Panagopoula Tunnels, in the traffic direction to Athens, will be prohibited for a few hours, and in particular from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Sunday October 10, 2021.

During the implementation of the above, the vehicles transporting dangerous goods in the direction to Athens will be diverted, at Drepano Interchange (k.p. 197.1) to the ONR, according to the appropriate temporary signage, and will re-enter the Motorway at Selianitika Interchange (k.p. 180.5), as shown on the following diagram.

In the event of adverse weather conditions or technical problem, the works will be implemented on the next Sunday, October 17, 2021.

Olympia Odos would like to thank the drivers for their understanding and invites them to comply with the relevant signage and the instructions of the Traffic Police, as well as to be particularly careful when crossing the said area.