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15 Jul 2021

“In real life there is NO Undo” A joint information campaign for safe trips organized by OLYMPIA ODOS and Road Safety Institute (RSI) “Panos Mylonas”

- A stop for safe trips at the pit stop of the RSI at Megara MSS on Saturday 17/7

- Experiential information using the RSI's simulators

- Mr. Takis Pournarakis presents the video of the information campaign on YouTube & the social media

- Draw by lot for 5 OLYMPIA PASS Hybrid transponders, topped-up with €100

On Saturday, July 17, Olympia Odos in cooperation with the Road Safety Institute (RSI) “Panos Mylonas” incite all drivers to make a “safety stop” at the RSI PitStop for a quick check of their vehicle at Megara MSS (in the direction to Patras), from 10:00 to 13:00. Within the context of the joint action “In real life there is NO Undo” drivers are offered a free of charge 5-minute safety check conducted by the associations of the RSI, and they get a Road Safety Control Card upon completion of the check and the briefing.  

In particular, thanks to this joint action which will be posted on the YouTube channel and the Social Media of Olympia Odos, drivers will have the possibility to check their wipers, fuels and to be informed about the available refueling points.  Moreover, the following will also be checked: lights, turn signals, tires (condition and wear and tear), validity of the Technical Control card, and passenger space (for any free moving objects).  At the end of the check, the drivers will be delivered a form with the results and any remarks, while additional data will be recorded, such as the age of the vehicle. 

For this overall information experience offered by the Road Safety Institute “Panos Mylonas” at its PitStop, special simulators and experiential activities will be used, such as crash simulator, devise measuring the response time and the stopping distance, as well as weight-speed correlation balance, presenting the risks run by the drivers in real conditions. 

With the “Friendly Control Card” of the RSI, the drivers may participate in draw by lot for 5 OLYMPIA PASS Hybrid transponders, topped-up with €100, while during their stay at Megara MSS they may enjoy their coffee at FloCAFE at a 20% discount. 

Within the context of the information campaign, Olympia Odos, with a great sense of responsibility for drivers and their safety created a series of videos showing what they shall check and take care of before and during their trips, thus offering easy safety guidelines to everybody.  The well known journalist Mr. Takis Pournarakis volunteered to present these videos.

As regards the road safety campaign “In real life there is NO Undo”, Mr. Panayiotis Papanikolas,  CEO of Olympia Odos, made the following statement:

In our Olympia Odos family we take our mission to offer safety and comfort to drivers and travelers, very seriously.  This is why we feel more than bound, but also proud, to support the initiative of the Road Safety Institute “Panos Mylonas”.  Checks and information can save thousands of lives and we are constantly committed to achieve the “zero accident” goal. 

On her behalf, Mrs. Vassiliki Daneli-Mylona, President of Road Safety Institute “Panos Mylonas”, stated that:  “In a period where trips increase also because of the summer holidays, after a long lockdown period, we stand by our fellow citizens to inform the drivers and to spread messages about the safety of everybody on the road.  

We thank Olympia Odos and all our supporters for embracing actions that save lives and strengthen the Road Safety culture.”our supporters for embracing actions that save lives and strengthen the Road Safety culture.”