27 Apr 2021

Mobility Awards 2021: Olympia Odos is the “Motorway of the year”

Olympia Odos was awarded a particularly important distinction as “Motorway of the Year” during the Mobility Awards 2021, within the framework of which it received six (6) awards in total.  

The Mobility Awards that award innovative practices, technologies and applications used by businesses in the automotive sector in general, gave credit to Olympia Odos for its achievements in important fields of innovation and road infrastructure.  

The distinction received by Olympia Odos as the Motorway of the Year is the concrete result of its targeted initiatives to constantly provide a high level of service and safety along the Motorway, and of its actions aiming at protecting the Environment. 

In particular, OLYMPIA ODOS S.A. received the “PLATINUM” award in the category of Motorways Customer Service for its Hybrid innovative program, the first distance-based tolling system in Greece which offers significant benefits to the users.

Moreover, it received three (3) GOLD Awards in the following categories:

  • Motorway Safety for the Motorway Safety Holistic Approach pertaining to the safety of the users and employees, which is based on the implementation of high-level structures, the use of modern prevention technologies and the information of the users by means of awareness campaigns and actions;
  • Motorway Management System, for the Smart Tunnel project, a comprehensive system to monitor and assess the structures of the Motorway, based on the most modern methodologies and technological tools;
  • Motorways Environmental Management, for the PROTECT program which concerns the Olympia Odos initiatives regarding the Environment, such as the installation of LED lighting in 17 tunnels and the relevant power consumption cuts by 65%, the design of the first “Green” Motorists Service Stations (MSS) in Greece, the use of power certified as produced by RES.

Moreover, the company received another two (2) “SILVER” awards at the Mobility Awards 2021:

  • In the category EV Charging, for the Quick Charging Infrastructure at Psathopyrgos MSSs;   
  • In the category Motorways Fleet Management, for the Comprehensive Fleet Management system of OLYMPIA ODOS OPERATION S.A.

Mr. Panayiotis Papanikolas, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Olympia Odos, stated that:

“Since the beginning of the Project, we at Olympia Odos we have realized that success depends on the satisfaction of our customers and of the local community as well as on the respect of the environment.  Our first concern is the relation with the citizens, the drivers and the passengers towards whom we are committed to provide the best possible travel experience.

Therefore, we implemented the distance-based tolling for the first time in Greece, while at the same time we implement innovative programs regarding the environment and the improvement of the motorway use. 

Our daily communication with thousands of citizens, the positive comments made by our customers about the quality of the services we provide, as well as a series of important awards, the most important of which is the “Motorway of the Year”, make us particularly proud and willing to set even higher objectives for the future.”