15 Apr 2021

Olympia Odos signed the Greek Diversity Charter

Olympia Odos further corroborates its commitment to implement equal opportunities in the workplace by signing the Diversity Charter for the Greek companies and organizations.

Since the beginning of its business activity, and thanks to its social actions reflected in the motto “One project, many heroes”, Olympia Odos constantly invests in an anthropocentric culture for its users and the residents along the road axis, but also its personnel who work on the road axis on a daily basis. Equal opportunities and development prospects, participation and respecting diversity are the principles incorporated in the objectives of our company as well as in its vision for a better world, without exclusions and discriminations. Within this framework, the fact that Olympia Odos signs the Greek Diversity Charter confirms its commitment and at the same time mounts a challenge for keeping and increasing in practice its efforts aiming at creating the conditions for a fair working environment free of any stereotypes.

The Diversity Charter is an initiative of the European Commission for the development of a workplace open to everybody, regardless of their gender, age, ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, religious or personal beliefs. All companies and organizations understanding the importance of creating a workplace where the values and principles of respecting diversity do prevail can sign the Charter.

The parties agree with the content of the Diversity Charter and endorse:

  • The voluntary integration in the working environment of a set of principles and procedures that take into account diversity, promote equality, mutual respect, acceptance and social cohesion; 
  • Built a relationship of trust with the employees founded on these principles, as well as on the training, in particular of the managers who are involved in the recruitment of the human resources;
  • Raise awareness also of other Greek companies about the benefits of the implementation of a diversity policy in the workplace. 

In Greece, the Diversity Charter for the Greek companies and organizations is implemented by the KEAN - Cell of Alternative Youth Activities.  

Mr. Stavros Milionis, President of KEAN and Founder of the Diversity Charter Greece, made the following statement for the signature of the Charter:  "Diversity in a company may make the difference.  It creates the conditions that foster innovation, creativity and pluralism of coexistence in an environment that allows employees to feel safe, be themselves and perform at their best.  There are many measurable benefits.  In addition, by promoting diversity we become, in fact, better humans. This is what our society needs right now.  The adhesion of important companies, such as Olympia Odos, in the large family of the Diversity Charter for Greek companies constitutes, for us, a proof of the values of respecting diversity and sound inclusion.”

Mr. Panayiotis Papanikolas, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Olympia Odos, stated: “At Olympia Odos we all share the conviction that a successful business culture shall be marked with respect, esteem, mutual trust and acceptance.  We believe that it is our duty to set specific objectives and to undertake important initiatives to ensure equal opportunities and diversity for our teams. Our participation in important institutions, such as the Greek Diversity Charter, helps us further progress, thus constantly improving our internal policies and practices.”