09 Mar 2021

Olympia Odos presents the program “Water from the air”

Independent and renewable source of drinking water installed in a parking area at Kakia Skala

Olympia Odos is breaking new ground thanks to another innovative program called “Water from the air”.  It's a pilot action developed at the parking area of Panorama - Kineta (50.8th km), in the direction of Athens, in the area of Kakia Skala, aiming mainly at upgrading the travel experience thanks to the sustainable and reliable supply of fresh, clean drinking water produced by the air humidity with the help of the sun.

The “Water from the air” system is effective and safe: It consists of a bilge exclusively powered by the sun which through a compressor transforms the water vapor in the air into water which is then collected in a tank incorporated in the system. Then the water collected is enriched with minerals that optimize the qualitative and gustatory characteristics of the water, making it an ideal drinking water. At the same time, the addition of a solar powered cooler ensures the supply of cool water to the drivers and passengers, which is particularly useful during the summer period. The device can produce up to 12 liters of fresh drinking water per day.

This innovation offers a long-term solution to ensure the availability of good quality fresh water to the users of the motorway and at the same time presents important environmental and economic benefits.  In particular:

  • Fully independent operation, without any connection to the power and water supply networks;
  • Zero greenhouse emissions;
  • No bottles or single-use cups dispensed to the users, in order to minimize wastes. However, it fosters the use of reusable water bottles thus promoting the adoption of environmental-friendly habits;  
  • Controlled water supply to ensure a reasonable use of water;
  • Offered to the drivers for free.

Olympia Odos, within the framework of its commitment to provide qualitative services to travelers, develops and promotes the use and diffusion of modern technologies to meet one of the most important human needs, the free access to quality water, protecting the environment at the same time.  The positive response of the public will trigger the extension of this program to all other parking areas along the motorway.