09 Feb 2021

Green Awards Distinction for Olympia Odos for its “Strategy for developing a Green Road Infrastructure”

Olympia Odos received the Bronze Award in the category of “Green Business Model” of the Pylon “Sustainable Development/Operations/Technology” at the Green Awards organized by Boussias Communications.

At the Green Awards, Olympia Odos presented its business model focusing on the Green and Sustainable Development and in particular on the key pylons and their connection with the Sustainable Development Goals, the largest international initiative for Sustainable Development, through actions and programs for each separate pylon. 

The key pylons of the Olympia Odos business model are the following:

  • Road safety and responsibility towards human life;
  • Ensuring a high level travel experience to the users of the Motorway;
  • Environmental protection, by means of innovation and digital shift;
  • Support, development and promotion of the local communities;
  • Constantly investing in a human-centered work environment;

Some of the actions of these central pylons that tell apart are indicatively the following:

- The distance-based Hybrid tolling system, the installation of POS on all automatic toll machines and the Traffic Prediction Service in the field of Travel Experience;

- The satellite monitoring of the motorway, the Smart Tunnel program and the innovative MIRANDA pavement defects monitoring and recording system, in the field for Road Safety;

- The participation in national and international actions for the employees’ Health and Safety and the Customer Service, in the field of Human Resources, etc. 

The Green Awards promote and award excellence and innovation of services and procedures that foster Green Economy and Eco Living and showcase a new type of economy that combines the appropriate sustainability conditions with the development of entrepreneurship and the protection of the environment.