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29 Oct 2020

A gold and a silver award at Facilities Management Awards 2020 for the innovative “Smart Tunnel” program

Olympia Odos S.A. received the Golden Award in the category of “Motorway Management” in the “Services” section and the Silver Award in the category “Transport Infrastructure (Ports, Airports, Motorways, Railway Networks) in the “Premises” section, of the Facilities Management Awards 2020.

The competition awards the best practices in facility management and promoted as best practice in the field of facilities management and provision of services the upgrading of the Olympia Odos infrastructure thanks to the installation of the innovative Smart Tunnel system to ensure the monitoring and the preventive maintenance of the motorway tunnels’ equipment.  

Smart Tunnel is a smart system measuring and collecting data from various parts of the equipment, which are further analyzed to ensure the timely checking, the identification of possible failures and the taking of any corrective measures.  Therefore, it achieves the regular checking of the operation of the tunnel equipment, thus contributing to its increased lifetime and to a reduced maintenance cost of the equipment, while at the same time it presents important advantages as regards the motorway safety and level of service. 

These distinctions praise the regular actions undertaken by Olympia Odos to implement a modern operation model and to improve the infrastructure maintenance methods, such as the “Smart Tunnel” program, which constitutes a worldwide innovation model.