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21 Oct 2020

Travel ALL OVER Greece with the OLYMPIA PASS transponder

Enjoy the interoperability between all motorways thanks to GRITS service.

As of November 4, 2020, you can travel all over the country using OLYMPIA PASS transponder and enjoy fast and comfortable trips thanks to the upgraded interoperability service “Greek Interoperable Tolling Systems (GRITS).

The GRITS service is offered at no cost through OLYMPIA PASS at the electronic toll lanes of all Greek motorways namely Attiki Odos, Moreas, Aegean Motorway, Nea Odos, Kentriki Odos, Egnatia Odos and “Charilaos Trikoupis” Rion-Antirion Bridge covering 2,133 kilometers in total. Note that Olympia Odos Operation undertook a decisive coordination role to achieve interoperability. 

The holders of an OLYMPIA PASS transponder or any other transponder issued by a Greek motorway do not need to proceed with any action, since interoperability will be activated automatically and free of charge.

For those who want to get an OLYMPIA PASS transponder the procedure is very simple. 

and we will send you the transponder free of charge at your address within 10 business days.  Moreover, you can file your application in person at an Olympia Odos Customer Service Center (CSC). In this case, please bring along the necessary documents in order to complete the procedure and take delivery of the transponder on the spot!

To apply your personal details and the particulars of the vehicle(s) where the OLYMPIA PASS will be installed are required.

Important things you need to know about the interoperability service (GRITS)

  • Every motorway applies its own commercial policy and offers its own discount packages, which are valid only on the specific network and using only the relevant transponder.  For any passages on all other motorways, the each time nominal toll rates do apply.
  • If you have more than one transponders on your vehicle, you shall install on your windscreen only the transponder you want to charge.
  • You can top up your account using the payment network of the motorway with which you cooperate and in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions.
  • At the toll stations you shall use the electronic lanes depending on the category of your vehicle.

Detailed information about the interoperability service is available on the website of Olympia Odos and at the Telephone Customer Service by calling 22960 95555 from Monday to Friday (08:00 - 18:00).

Synergies to serve the drivers

Olympia Odos continues its tasks strongly oriented to the safety and comfort of the drivers and travelers, and is committed to provide high level services.

Therefore, to better serve the drivers

  • It closely cooperates with Attiki Odos and Rion-Antirion Bridge to inform the drivers and post important messages regarding the traffic and weather conditions on the Variable Message Signs (VMS) of the Motorway;
  • It operates a common Emergency Telephone Number (1025) with MOREAS Motorway (Korinthos - Tripoli - Kalamata), thus covering the entire Motorways network of the Peloponnese.

It is worth noting that Olympia Odos has developed and is ready to put in operation the first proportional (kilometric) tolling system in Greece for which further announcements will be made in the near future. 

We fulfill our commitments to the drivers and the local communities!

Click here for the Interoperability leaflet.