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10 Nov 2020

Natural Gas for the first time on a Greek motorway

Psathopyrgos MSS are breaking ground for the third time

The Compressed Natural Gas Station (FISIKON-CNG) started its operation today at Psathopyrgos Motorists Service Stations (MSS), on both traffic directions. Therefore, this specific MSS takes the lead once again, after the “Green” Building Certifications, since it is the first point along a motorway offering this specific environmental-friendly fuel. Psathopyrgos MSS offer henceforth all types of fuel: petrol, diesel, autogas (LPG), natural gas (CNG) and EV.

Mr. Panayiotis Papanikolas, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Olympia Odos, made the following statement:

We believe in environmentally sustainable road infrastructure. We aim at operating an innovative and environmental-friendly motorway. The operation of the first natural gas service stations at Psathopyrgos contributes to that.  We are the first Greek motorway that installed fast electric vehicle chargers in January 2018 at the Motorists Service Stations (MSS) of Psathopyrgos. We continue by launching initiatives for the environment and participating in the achievement of national and global objectives to reduce the energy consumption, the carbon footprint and the emission of pollutants.”