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01 Jul 2020

CRI Pass Distinction for Olympia Odos

Olympia Odos was awarded, for the first time, the CRI Pass 2019-2020 by the Corporate Responsibility Institute. CRI pass is an acknowledged strategic assessment tool in the field of sustainable development and is awarded upon evaluation of the strategic approach, the actions and the results achieved by the company in four major sectors:  Society, Environment, Employees, and Economy.

CRI Pass tool identifies and awards companies that excel at Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues, by implementing responsible CRS practices. CRI Pass and CR Index, the National Corporate Responsibility Index, are part of the activities of the Corporate Responsibility Institute to further consolidate the CSR in Greece.

This distinction follows the first 2018 Sustainable Development Report published by Olympia Odos, which reflects the strategy of our Company as well as the results of such strategy in five major axes:

  • Road safety and responsibility towards human life;
  • Ensuring a high level travel experience to the users of the Motorway;
  • Environmental protection, by means of innovation and digital shift;
  • Support, development and promotion of local communities;
  • Constantly investing in a human-centered work environment.

All five axes emphasize on innovation. In particular, the “Road Safety” and “Travel Experience” axes include many long-term actions and initiatives with measurable results that confirm the central role of innovation in the operation of Olympia Odos.