Contactless transactions with credit or debit card using a POS on all lanes with Automatic Payment Machines/ POS user manual here      -     
13 Mar 2020

Contactless transactions using POS devices or transponders on the electronic toll lanes

Olympia Odos, with a great sense of responsibility for drivers, travelers and its employees and within the framework of the measures to deal with and prevent the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19, proposes to the travelers to make use of the possibility of contactless transactions. In particular, there are two types of contactless transactions:

1. Using POS on all lanes with Automatic Payment Machines (APM) of the frontal and side toll Stations of Olympia Odos. The procedure is very simple and quick:

By passing from the Automatic Payment Machine Lane (marked in green color), you simply touch the contactless transaction reader with your credit or debit card and you wait for a few seconds to get the receipt printout.

Marking of the Lane with an Automatic Payment Machine (APM)Marking of the Lane with an Automatic Payment Machine (APM)

In the enclosed file or at you will find instructions on how to use the POS at the lanes equipped with an Automatic Payment Machine.

The Automatic Payment Machines are equipped with a special reader for the Moto card (for motorcyclists).

2. Using the electronic toll lanes, provided you hold an Olympia Odos transponder (O-pass) or a transponder of Attiki Odos (e-pass), Gefyra (Gefyra-pass), and Aegean Motorway (Eway).

Signage of electronic lanes and manual toll collection lanes Signage of electronic lanes and manual toll collection lanes

The holders of an O-pass transponder who pass from the electronic toll lanes are reminded that they may top up their account by electronic means on on the page O-pass/ O-pass/ I am a subscriber - Login. .

Olympia Odos continues its tasks strongly oriented to the safety and comfort of all of us, and is committed to provide services to the motorway users with responsibility and efficiency.