12 Dec 2019

Index-linked toll rate adjustment

As of midnight of Wednesday 8 to Thursday 9 January 2020 the toll rates will be readjusted in accordance with the Consumer Price Index of September 2019.

From the readjustment it arises that the toll rate for Category 4 (heavy trucks with 4+ axles, with or without a trailer and a height over 2.20m) will be reduced by €0.10 euros at the toll stations of Elefsina and Rion. In particular, at Elefsina, the rate of category 4 is set to €7.50 euros (instead of €7.60) and at Rion, the rate is set to €8.00 euros (instead of €8.10 euros).

At all other toll stations and for all other vehicle categories, the rates remain unchanged. 

We remind that the discount schemes for the subscribers’ category 1 (moto-card) and category 2 (0-pass) vehicles which are in force will still be in valid.

All O-pass services are available on-line at www.olympiaodos.gr to:    

  • Subscribe and receive the transponder free of charge at the address you have provided us;
  • Promptly get information about the available balance of the account;
  • Top-up a transponder using a debit or credit card;
  • Manage the account 24 hours a day: add a transponder, update your personal data, inform about any transponder loss or theft, etc.;
  • Download and print the detailed statement with your passages and monthly accounts. 

Olympia Odos confirms its commitment in providing quality services, with an overall view to ensure safe, comfortable and quick trips aiming at making drivers actively and steadily selecting the motorway for every trip.