25 Nov 2019

Reopening of Elefsina - Isthmos section, in the direction to Athens

The section of Elefsina - Korinthos, in the direction to Athens reopens after the removal of the water and the debris that were accumulated early this morning in the area of Kineta (k.p. 53+800 - 62+000) coming from the burned slopes of Gerania Mount that are neighboring the Motorway.

The crews of Olympia Odos and its subcontractors continue to operate in the area in order to reopen the motorway in the direction to Patras, on one lane, as soon as possible. The entire mechanism is still on standby along the entire length of the road.

Olympia Odos kindly asks the drivers to comply with the instructions of the Traffic Police, as well as to be particularly careful when approaching the traffic arrangements area, since temporarily the traffic will use only one traffic lane per direction.