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18 Jun 2019

Olympia Odos Operation cooperates with INTERAMERICAN to provide Road Assistance services

INTERAMERICAN and Olympia Odos Operation SA have entered into a strategic cooperation agreement in January 2019.

The agreement concerns the towing and removal of light vehicles and motorcycles that may be immobilized on Olympia Odos motorway due to a breakdown or accident, by a vehicle of INTERAMERICAN Road Assistance. This cooperation promotes the objective for providing the highest level of road safety along Olympia Odos, ensuring that the first intervention will be free of charge for the drivers in the event that their vehicle would be immobilized, such offer being guaranteed by two leading companies in their respective sectors.

This service contributes to the deterrence of any secondary accident and to the decrease of traffic jams that could be caused by an immobilized vehicle, while it assists the affected drivers in promptly removing their vehicles from the motorway and transferring them to a safe site thanks to the intervention of INTERAMERICAN, so that then the company with which the vehicle is insured would undertake its transfer to a garage or back home. Indicatively, note that since the beginning of our cooperation more than 1,000 incidents have been dealt with along Olympia Odos.


The associate parts

INTERAMERICAN Road Assistance is a leader in the road assistance insurance market in which it is active since 1992. Its operation is based on a dense network of 140 stations all over Greece. The Road Assistance section of the company has 220 privately-owned vehicles (towing vehicles, platforms, motorcycles) and 250 experienced staff members in addition to 65 local synergies and 150 vehicles. It provides onsite repair, towing & transfer services as well as vehicle repatriation and accident support (autohelp) services.  The company provides road assistance services to more than 320,000 incidents per year, while the customer satisfaction index is particularly high (exceeding 90%), as well as the intention of the customers to recommend the company to third parties (70%).

Olympia Odos Operation SA is the company that has undertaken, on behalf of the Concessionaire (Olympia Odos SA), the operation and routine maintenance of the Motorway thanks to its 500 appropriately trained staff members. The mission of Olympia Odos is to ensure comfortable and safe trips to all travelers and to provide high quality services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.