20 Dec 2018

Safe trips for happy holidays!

To best assist the drivers in view of the increased traffic expected on the motorway because of the Christmas Holidays, Olympia Odos reminds you of a few important rules for your trips: 

Check your vehicle before starting your trip:

  • Fuels: Do you have enough fuel? Do you know where to refuel, if necessary?
  • Oil: Have you checked the oil level?
  • Engine coolant / antifreeze:  Are the radiator and the windscreen washer reservoir full?
  • Electric circuits: Are your main beam and turn signals working?
  • Tires: Have you checked the condition and the air pressure in your tires?
  • Snow chains: Have you got a set of snow chains, in case of bad weather conditions? Do you know how to put them on?

Get informed

  • Consult the home page of www.olympiaodos.gr for information about the weather in six destinations along the motorway as well as the traffic prediction for the next three days.
  • Check the Variable Message Signs of the motorway. The staff of the Traffic Management Center communicate with you and give you valuable information about the route ahead of you.

Travel safely

  • If you have a trailer or a caravan, before starting your trip, check their condition, especially if they were immobilized for a long time.
  • If you are carrying bicycles or other loads on the car roof, be sure that they are well secured.
  • Do not drive when you are tired, especially early in the morning or late in the night.
  • When traveling long routes, you shall stop for 15 minutes every 2 hours.
  • Do not drive and do not stop on the Emergency Lane!

Well organizing your trip will help you avoid most of the distractions.  Eat, smoke or make phone calls before starting your trip. If it is strictly necessary to answer a call, stop at a parking area along the motorway. You will find such areas every 10-12 km.

Adapt your driving technique to the prevailing conditions.

Most of the issues that may arise when driving on a motorway or the other road network may be dealt with by adopting a simple rule:  By adapting your driving technique to the each time prevailing conditions.  You need to adopt a different driving technique in case of snow, frost, rainfall or increased traffic conditions.

Avoid peak hours to the extent possible when planning your trip to gain time. 

To help you better plan your trips, we created the Traffic Prediction Service for locations of the Motorway where traditionally large traffic volumes are recorded in holiday exodus periods (Elefsina and Isthmos).

The application is available on www.olympiaodos.gr, where you can: 

  1. See the traffic prediction for Elefsina and Isthmos Toll Stations on both traffic directions for the next three days (72 hours), by simply dragging the gray bar under the graph;
    Traffic Prediction

  2. See the actual traffic at these locations at the specified date and time. In particular, on this application, the traffic density of the last 15 minutes is illustrated with different colors, depending on its intensity (low, medium, high).  
    Actual Traffic

The employees of Olympia Odos confirm our commitment to provide quality services with an overall view to ensure safe, quick and comfortable trips to the drivers.

We kindly ask the drivers to conform to the instructions given by the Traffic Police, to be particularly careful during their trip and to be patient and stay calm in case of any delays.