17 Dec 2019

Olympia Odos received three golden awards at the Energy Mastering Awards event for its LED Lighting program

Olympia Odos received three golden awards at the Energy Mastering Awards event organized in Athens on Thursday December 12, 2019, for the emblematic project of replacing the conventional bulbs with LED high performance luminaires in 17 tunnels at Kakia Skala and Patra Bypass.  In particular, for its LED Lighting program Olympia Odos jointly with its specialized partners Vinci Constructions SA, Sielight and SIRECLED, received the golden award for the following categories:

  • Lighting Retrofit
  • Energy Efficiency in Lighting (tunnels)
  • Energy Efficiency Improvement –Transportation – Infrastructure.

The use of modern technologies to protect the environment is part of the strategy of Olympia Odos for environmentally sustainable road infrastructures. Within this framework, Olympia Odos invested, above and beyond its contractual obligations, in an extensive energy saving program that has produced a very satisfactory outcome:

  • 60% energy consumption cuts at Kakia Skala and 70% relevant cuts at Patra Bypass;
  • 60% reduction of the carbon footprint and 4,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent less per year;
  • More than 8 million kWh of annual savings;
  • Recycling of 2.2 t. of light bulbs and 132.5 t. of steel.

At the same time, the new tunnel lighting, which offers a better luminance uniformity and levels, helps increasing the level of safety for both the employees and the users of the Motorway.

Mr. Panayiotis Papanikolas, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Olympia Odos, stated: “The awards received by Olympia Odos at the Energy Mastering Awards event for its LED program is an important reward for our strategy towards environmentally sustainable road infrastructures.  We are proud to contribute to a European objective for the protection of the environment and we commit ourselves to continue in this direction, since we believe that protecting the environment is a collective duty.”

The Energy Mastering Awards are intended for businesses (private and public ones) and reward best practices for energy performance, saving and sustainability.