18 Sep 2017

HELLASTRON for the European Day Without Road Accidents

The non-profit organisation "Greek Infrastructure and Toll Roads" more widely known as HELLASTRON (Hellenic Association of Toll Road Network) and its members Attiki Odos, Rion-Antirrion Bridge, Egnatia Odos, Nea Odos, Moreas, Olympia Odos and Kedriki Odos, which make up the whole of Greece's toll motorways, in cooperation with the Greek Police, support the European Day Without a Road Death project, set for September 21st, with the participation of all the countries of the European Union.

Every day, 70 people lose their lives from fatal car accidents in traffic in Europe. The aim of the EDWARD project is to reduce road deaths, even for one day, on September 21st 2017, to zero.

For European Day Without a Road Death, HELLASTRON and its members have prepared a special poster that will be attached to motorway toll stations all over Greece. At the same time, information messages about the EDWARD project and road safety will be posted:

(a) electronic motorway message boards designed to raise awareness among drivers

b) HELLASTRON's social media (https://www.facebook.com/Hellastron, https://twitter.com/hellastron)

On 21st September 2017, let's all make a new start on reducing the fatal traffic accidents.

Let us all help make the ZERO a reality! It is in our hands!