05 Mar 2018

Completion of the Rion I/C

The works at Rion I/C were completed in accordance with the project’s time schedule and all its eight directions are now fully operational. Note that Rion I/C is a particularly complex structure including three overpasses, six underpasses, two bridges over Selemnos River and many entrance-exit ramps. It is estimated that it will serve at least 20,000 vehicles per day.

At this specific Interchange, Olympia Odos

- connects the Peloponnese with Epirus (through the Rion-Antirion Bridge);

- is the major way to Western Peloponnese (to Pyrgos and Amaliada);

- is the gate to Patras, the third largest Greek city;

- serves the access to and from the outskirts and the summer holiday centers located east of Patras;

- offers access to points of interest, such as the Rion University Hospital and the University of Patras.

Moreover, at this point the motorway crosses the new railway line, while the interchange will also incorporate the Old National Road, a significant part of which has been reconstructed.

Due to the extent, the complexity of the structure and the need to operate all of the eight directions while under construction, the local residents of Rio experienced prolonged disturbance. We would like to thank them for their patience and support.